At the premises of Helen Hotel Poros, Restaurant Evriali serves traditional Greek dishes, homemade pizza and a variety of salads and appetizers.


Evriali was one of the three mermaids of the Greek mythology. The other two were Medusa and Stheno. Mermaids were the daughters of Forkynos and Cetus (sea gods).

It was monstrous with wings of gold, bronze claws and snakes for hair. The name Evriali also means "wide sea" and together with her sister Stheno symbolized the power and the immensity of the sea.

Mermaids are often referred by the name "Sirens" and they were immortal creatures with magical abilities. When someone dared to look them straight in the eyes was turned to stone. One of the many myths says that if a mortal man manage and confess eternal love to a Mermaid, she will lose her magical powers and her immortality.